Is this island paradise wonder or paradise? Paxos and their holiday homes for holidays!


How would you react to find that there is a beautiful island on earth that can give you the feeling of heaven? It will simply surprise and please you I love planning a trip to discover the undiscovered beauty of this island . It is Paxos, a Greek Ionian island with a small periphery of about seven to four miles.

This is a lovely place for anyone looking for a peaceful stay in the arms of natural beauty. So if you are planning a family vacation or a romantic vacation, try this island. The pebble beaches will definitely love you for their elegance; turquoise water will please you with its calmness; and the olive tree embraces it with its beauty. In general, you can find peace throughout this island, from cliffs to olive trees, sea caves to rooftop beaches, and from ports to chalet rentals.

Learn more about the island and vacation rentals

The island is yet to be found due to its large number of filtered tourists. You will find a large number of people going through it, especially those seeking some isolation. Paxos is the best destination for families and couples with a calm focus and scenic beauty. If you are planning a trip to Paxos, you must take a ferry from Corfu. There is no airport, and that could be the reason for its unspoilt and quiet beauty.

After arriving to this Island, you do not have to worry about your stay. This small island has numerous apartments with all the luxury amenities. They can give you the comfort and freedom to spend quality time in proper solitude with your partner. Plus, you can experience Greek Mediterranean life , accommodation in one of the rentals in the town. Greek culture seems to be stuck inside and outside rents. White washed walls, stoneware, wooden beams and stone furnishings are the perfect emblem of Greek culture.

These vacation rentals are designed to help your ecstasy and serenity over the top in complete comfort. Each villa is separated from the other and is located near the beaches. So you can enjoy the beach view from your rented place. You can also see the scenic beauty right from the window of the room, as you can see the surrounding olive trees everywhere.

You will hardly find a hotel to stay. It means villas will cost you a lot. You can book any of the vacation rentals at a pretty reasonable price. You have a great collection of villas. You can choose the one that fits your needs and offer luxury on your set budget.

No water park, no bar, just tranquility and wonderful scenery. However you can find traditional taverns there to try Greek food. Its three main port towns – Lakka, Loggos and Giaos – are also here to show you the best of historic beauty.